Discover Provincetown's Women's Events

Welcome to Provincetown, where vibrant and exciting events await you year-round! Our town boasts a diverse array of events that cater to every interest and passion.

In the summer months, Provincetown comes alive with its renowned festivals and gatherings. The Provincetown International Film Festival showcases the best in independent cinema, while the Provincetown Carnival Parade is a colorful and lively spectacle that attracts visitors from all over. 

Throughout the year, Provincetown hosts a number of LGBTQ+ events. We list the top women’s event here.

Group of Women in Provincetown, MA

Women’s Week

Provincetown’s Women’s Week is a vibrant celebration of women, welcoming all to join in the festivities. This annual event features empowering workshops, inspiring speakers, live music, and a supportive community. It’s a week dedicated to connecting, sharing, and celebrating the achievements and contributions of women from all walks of life.

Girl Splash

Girl Splash in Provincetown is the ultimate summer getaway for women. This unique event offers a fantastic lineup of activities, from beach parties to comedy shows, ensuring a fun-filled escape. Join us for a week of sun, laughter, and connection in the beautiful backdrop of Provincetown, where unforgettable memories are made.

Yoga on the Beach in Provincetown
Women of color with face painting

Women of Color Weekend

Provincetown’s Women of Color Weekend is a celebration of diversity, unity, and empowerment. Join us for a dynamic weekend filled with cultural events, discussions, and performances, showcasing the voices and talents of women of color. This inclusive gathering fosters connections and conversations that inspire and uplift in the beautiful setting of Provincetown.

Single Women’s Weekend

Single Women’s Weekend in Provincetown is an annual event that celebrates and brings together lesbian and queer women for a weekend of community, socializing, and empowerment. The event typically features various activities, parties, and speed dating events tailored to the interests of single women in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Five Women Jumping in a parking lot